Amy B.         Killen

Amy B. Killen

Let me introduce myself

 I am an international speaker, clinical practice owner, entrepreneur, author, and physician educator. I have become an outspoken advocate for empowering patients to look and feel their best by merging lifestyle modification, hormone optimization, personalized medicine, and regenerative therapies.

Optimization isn’t just about lengthening lifespan; it’s about creating a world with more of what makes life worth living – your laugh span, love span, play span, and health span.

Public Speaking

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As an international keynote speaker, Dr. Amy Killen has a reputation for making dry and complex subjects accessible, relatable and even entertaining for audiences worldwide. With her unique ability to add levity and clarity, she is able to tackle even the most taboo topics with ease.

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Dr. Killen has done everything from podcasts and documentaries to magazine articles, book interviews, and radio shows! Not afraid of difficult or uncomfortable conversations, she’s at home in front of the camera as she is behind a computer. Whatever you do, don’t tell her not to smile!


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Explore the diverse projects I have invested in, ranging from a daily subscription box to an innovative company at the forefront of the quantified collective movement. Discover the companies I am associated with on this page and see the impact of my involvement.

“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive but it is lightning that does the work.”

-Mark Twain


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Discover the world-renowned practices I am associated with, including Men’s and Women’s health as well as cutting-edge techniques like Full Body Stem Cell Makeovers. Explore the impact of my involvement and the benefits these practices offer to individuals.