Dr Amy Killen

Men’s Sexual Optimization

Did you know that being sexually active is associated with closer relationships, better immune function, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, reduced stress and lower mortality?

Dr. Killen uses a combination of integrative and regenerative therapies to help patients regain their sexual potential.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

We use the healing powers of your own blood's growth factors, found in platelets, to restore and rejuvenate the sexual organs in both men and women.

Stem Cells, Exosomes, and Ozone

These are the most cutting-edge regenerative therapies currently available for improving erection firmness and sensitivity.


Low intensity shockwaves delivered through a handheld device increase blood vessel formation and break up microplaque in the penis, leading to improved male performance. Firmer erections, better sensitivity and improved staying power are all common after GAINSWave™. This treatment is safe, painless, and there's no downtime.


Testosterone is important for maintaining interest in sex as well as maintaining the health of the cells in the penis. After about age 40 men's testosterone levels start to decrease, which can have significant effects on sexual health. Replacing testosterone and balancing other hormones can make a big difference in sexual vitality and health.

Sex Enhancing Medications and Nutriceuticals

Men often benefit from medications, in addition to the above therapies, for optimal blood flow and sexual experiences. Specially compounded medications and personalized nutriceuticals can make a huge difference in not just sexual health, but health in general.